Grosse Ile Educational Foundation

Foundation Priorities

The GIEF has prioritized nine key areas of interest. This list provides a framework for the board when considering grants to be awarded. These are reviewed annually and updated as the needs of the schools and community change.

A Gift to GIEF enables our children to…
master the latest classroom technology utilizing Chromebooks & iPads, compete in national competitions with the Robotics Club, improve their physical  health with the added indoor-rowing program, speak Spanish, have access to thousands of books in the ELA Reading Program, join a cast of hundreds in the Boar’s Head Festival, prepare for college with GIEF-enhanced classes in Literature, Math, Art, Government, AP Physics, AP Calculus, & AP Cultural Studies, celebrate GI Pride in the stylish Marching Band Uniforms, check out books via the web-based Library Circulation System or extend their learning in the Summer Library Program, whiz around on an interactive SMART board, examine nature with an Elmo camera, state of the art microscope, or first hand in Parke Lane’s Courtyard, produce podcasts, prepare for the SAT with the Cambridge Program, explore Lake Erie, and receive collaborative instruction that is research-based, data-driven and best practice from newly-trained staff in Grosse Ile’s Professional Learning Communities.

These would simply not be possible without you and the Grosse Ile Educational Foundation.

GIEF is You

GIEF represents the best of Grosse Ile, who we are and what we believe in. We are a pay it back and pay it forward community that values education and its impact on our quality of life. Without You, GIEF is not possible. Without You, grants, promised programs and future funding will simply end. Please join the generous donors listed with an annual donation to GIEF.