Grosse Ile Educational Foundation

Board of Directors

Sarah Ford

Mike Georges

Katy Hagaman

Casey Hamelin

Kurt Kobiljak

Joyce Leslie

Trisha Mans

Duncan Murdock

Heather Robinson

Amy Rossi

Dennis Reno

Andrea Stevenson

Bill Stevenson

Sarah Szymaszek

Paul Thrasher

Maggie Wojtkowiak

School Liaisons:

Brett Bennett

Eric Flood

Nicole Garza

Katie Cihak

Amy Seguin

Advisory Board

Jerry Bringard

Carolyn Cardoza

Katie Chambers

Pete Coan

John Colina

Joe Connors

Jill Craig

Julie Cryderman

Jerry Griffith

Sally Hawk

Amy King

Barbara Klemans

Marianne Malone

Patti Mans

Paula Mikola

Julie Moretti

Victoria Murphy

Waltraud Prechter

Jan Smith

Suzy Moco-Williams

GIEF is You

GIEF represents the best of Grosse Ile, who we are and what we believe in. We are a pay it back and pay it forward community that values education and its impact on our quality of life. Without You, GIEF is not possible. Without You, grants, promised programs and future funding will simply end. Please join the generous donors listed with an annual donation to GIEF.