GIEF Funds 2 New Grants for Parke Lane Elementary

Scholastic News Magazine – Nancy Pilkington, First Grade

Kurt Kobiljak presented a check for the GIEF funding of a grant written by first grade teacher, Nancy Pilkington, to purchase a subscription for Scholastic News Magazine. ALL first grade students at Parke Lane will benefit from the non-fiction content which also includes both social studies and science skill-building activities. Thank you Nancy Pilkington for going “Above & Beyond” in your classroom!

“Teaching children to have a passion for reading, specifically nonfiction reading, is an important task. Increasing their knowledge in the areas of science and social studies at the same time helps them to meet today’s standards. Children who are motivated and excited about a topic with the help of
engaging curriculum materials are on the right track to becoming life- long learners.” – Nancy Pilkington

ESGI Software – Laurie Biro, Kindergarten

GIEF funded another grant this month written by Kindergarten teacher, Laurie Biro, to purchase an ESGI (Educational Software for Guiding Instruction) assessment platform for all kindergarten classes.
According to Laurie Biro, the ESGI program will allow teachers to assess and track student progress, differentiate instruction, and keep parents informed on their child’s development. We thank Laurie Biro for going “Above & Beyond” in her classroom!